Hobbit painting, a blast from the past.

With the Hobbit film in full swing, I thought I would share this old, slightly faded painting of Bag End and Bilbo the Hobbit. It's almost 20 years old so looks very dated and technically not great at all. I still like it and can remember painting every stroke.

Monster Doodle

The monsters are coming. . . . a strange character that came to life from a quick doodle in one of my sketch books. You won't be seeing this guy on the front of my birthday cards and crafty items as he is the stuff of nightmares.
Monster Doodle

Mad mushroom doodle / sketch

They say that if you pick your own mushrooms you should be careful and know what you are picking to eat. It's not always the eating that you have to be careful with, as these mushrooms will bite back.

A crazy doodle that ended up as a mushroom, no idea where this came from.

The Hobbit pencil drawing

With the new Hobbit film about to hit the cinemas, it seemed only right to show you an older pencil sketch based on the Hobbit. In the story Bilbo wanders off only to find some unexpected charcters in the forest. In this sketch, Bilbo is just visible within the shadows and just about to be spotted.

Bilbo stumbles across unexpected characters in the forest, pencil sketch on board

A doodle a day . .

Doodling in the sketchbook always throws up some crazy characters that can be taken on and worked up into illustrations. This is a recent doodle page form a sketch book. It's some crazy character robots, and look out for them on the front of birthday cards and colouring sheets.
doodle of robots

Dragon World by Impact books

Dragon World by Impact books will always hold a place in my heart. Why? it's got some of my artwork within it's pages.

Orc pencil sketch

Orcs have always been one of my favourite characters and this is an old pencil sketch of one such character.

Digital Doodle

You never know where a doodle will end up and this doodle finished with this odd character.