Water dragon illustration

Don't go in the water. . . . line sketch that started life as a scribble in my sketchbook and then finished in Photoshop via the graphics tablet.

Black and white water dragon drawing

Fantasy character doodle

Crazy doodle finished off in Photoshop on a drawing tablet. You never know what doodles turn into and this one is a really strange character, but what shall I call him I wonder?

Doodles . . .

Doodles in sketchbooks often end up as some odd characters, as we see in the characters below. . . .

Mermaid Doodle finished ink drawing

Mermaid line art
Here's the finished line drawing of the Mermaid and like I said, not all Mermaids are nice or very pretty.

Fantasy sketches of Jonathan Grimes - video

Bit of a fantasy theme with this post as I have always had a soft spot for fantasy art. This is one of my old sketchbooks that was related to an old blog. . .enjoy!