Fantasy Sketches

Loving Photoshop as I do, I thought I would place together a few of the characters in my sketchbook. This is a work in progress, but this is the first picture of how it's looking. Keep an eye out for the finished drawing as I build out the drawing and add some additional characters.

Digital drawing - demon

Demons and Orcs come in all shapes and sizes and this particular black and white digital drawing was produced a while ago. An odd character indeed and one I would not like to meet on a dark night.
This particular digital drawing started life as a pencil sketch in ne of my sketchbooks and wasscanned and finished off in Photoshop.

Creature concepts - doodles that developed

One of many lunch time doodles that developed into these odd creatures. . . I like both, and keep an eye open for the colour versions coming soon.

Fantasy Creature - detail added!

The detail is starting to be added to the fantasy creature as I build out the highlights, I love this part and it all starts to come together. . .

Fantasy creature WIP....

Down in the woods - WIP
This is the first time I have shown a WIP (work in progress) on this blog. The digital illustration here is no where near finished and has a long way to go before I am happy with it, but thought I would give you a sneak peak as to something I am working on.

As with many of my strange creatures, this one started life in one of my sketchbooks and was then scanned onto the laptop to be painted within Photoshop using my Wacom Intuos 5.

If your interested in this sneak peak, check back to see the finished piece soon. You can also see a basic step-by-step of another of my fantasy illustartions by looking at my Fantasy Dragon Art and how I painted my own article.

Any feedback is welcome and feel free to leave a comment below.

Fantasy Art banner

I have been looking through some of my digital illustrations and thought I would combine a few to spice up my header banner for this blog. Seems to work fine, but let me know what you think?

Sketchbook concept doodle

This weeks sketchbook reveal is here, with these odd creatures I am calling 'Nippers'. A sketchbook comes with me everywhere and you never know when there might be a spark of inspiration.

Fantasy sketch book doodle

Sketch books can hold the most odd of characters and this sketch is certainly an odd creature. Simply started out as a few lines and grew into this strange beast.

Monster illustration, pen and ink

Monsters are always good to draw and paint and this monster illustration is a real blast from the past. I have been looking through some old works and this black and white monster illustration came to light. Almost 25 years old now. . . where does the time go?

Daily monster sketch / doodle

A sneak peak at one of my daily quick sketches. Monster in the woods might end up as a painting of some sorts. Watch this space. . . .

click the blog title to view full sized image.

Digital Dragon Art

Dragons are always great to draw and paint and here's a digital dragon art painting. Produced in Photoshop from a rough sketch scanned in from one of my many sketchbooks.

Landscape painting

As an artist I tend to dabble in various areas, subjects and media. This image shows one of my small acyrilic paintings based on a local footpath. I love the freedom that digital painting givs me, but there is nothing like the feel of a real paint brush.

Digital fantasy character sketch

This odd looking character started life in a sketchbook but was finished on the laptop using my Intuos5 drawing tablet. Not the most pretty of souls and love the flexibility the digital drawing gives you.

Water dragon illustration

Don't go in the water. . . . line sketch that started life as a scribble in my sketchbook and then finished in Photoshop via the graphics tablet.

Black and white water dragon drawing

Fantasy character doodle

Crazy doodle finished off in Photoshop on a drawing tablet. You never know what doodles turn into and this one is a really strange character, but what shall I call him I wonder?

Doodles . . .

Doodles in sketchbooks often end up as some odd characters, as we see in the characters below. . . .

Mermaid Doodle finished ink drawing

Mermaid line art
Here's the finished line drawing of the Mermaid and like I said, not all Mermaids are nice or very pretty.

Fantasy sketches of Jonathan Grimes - video

Bit of a fantasy theme with this post as I have always had a soft spot for fantasy art. This is one of my old sketchbooks that was related to an old blog. . .enjoy!