Fantasy sketch book doodle

Sketch books can hold the most odd of characters and this sketch is certainly an odd creature. Simply started out as a few lines and grew into this strange beast.

Monster illustration, pen and ink

Monsters are always good to draw and paint and this monster illustration is a real blast from the past. I have been looking through some old works and this black and white monster illustration came to light. Almost 25 years old now. . . where does the time go?

Daily monster sketch / doodle

A sneak peak at one of my daily quick sketches. Monster in the woods might end up as a painting of some sorts. Watch this space. . . .

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Digital Dragon Art

Dragons are always great to draw and paint and here's a digital dragon art painting. Produced in Photoshop from a rough sketch scanned in from one of my many sketchbooks.

Landscape painting

As an artist I tend to dabble in various areas, subjects and media. This image shows one of my small acyrilic paintings based on a local footpath. I love the freedom that digital painting givs me, but there is nothing like the feel of a real paint brush.

Digital fantasy character sketch

This odd looking character started life in a sketchbook but was finished on the laptop using my Intuos5 drawing tablet. Not the most pretty of souls and love the flexibility the digital drawing gives you.